Infant Massage 

Learn the beauty & benefit of connecting with your baby through touch.

Infant massage is a wonderful way to connect with your baby through hands-on touch.  In this class you will learn a variety of massage techniques, how to adapt your massage to different moods and environments, and acupressure points for specific ailments.  We will also discuss the many benefits of infant massage for your baby's development and the tradition of infant massage across cultures.

Rachel Alkire is a wonderful and experienced teacher, a licensed acupuncturist and founder Grow Family Acupuncture and co-founder of The Family Room. Rachel specializes in working with fertility, pregnancy, and pediatrics.  She has been teaching infant massage for over 10 years and loves sharing this invaluable tool with other parents.  Her own children (now 5 and 8) still request massage on a nightly basis.

Teacher: Rachel Alkire, Lac.

Friday March 6th 10:30a-12:30p

Cost: $65 per parent/baby pair  or $80 per couple/baby pair