Women's Fertility Support Group

With the support of other women and trained professionals, come find relief from the isolation and emotional roller coaster of infertility.

Our support group uses creative arts and mindfulness techniques in a non-judgmental therapeutic setting. Each week we share resources and tools while building community and addressing emotional needs. This unique group is co-led by two licensed Clinical Psychologists who specialize in women’s health. This group is for those who are struggling to get pregnant with their first child.

Initial commitment is for the first meeting only. Fee for the initial session is required to secure a spot in the group, fee for the full series is not requested until after the first group.

Potential group members begin with a brief 15 minute phone screen with one of the group leaders to assure that the group is a good fit. Please click group leaders name below for full bio. 


Contact us to learn more or set up your brief phone call: 510-619-8008 or dr.weiscovitz@gmail.com

Facilitators: Dr. Ariana Heller, PsyD and Dr. Genevieve Weiscovitz, PsyD

Wednesdays from 7 to 8:30p

Cost: 6-week series $420 or per session $70

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